BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Attrazione Pericolosa (1993)

Dangerous Attraction tells the story of Carlo Monti (Gabriele Gori, The Bronx Executioner), a graduate student who wants to discover why his mother mysteriously died and get to know if his father — who was an Italian exploitation director — was involved. And who better to tell the tale of the foibles and vices of the scummy side of the Italian film industry than Pierre Le Blanc, who we all know is none other than Bruno Mattei?

Carlo discovers his father’s home, which is packed with trunks filled with old scripts and posters of his films. It’s also where he meets Emma (Monica Carpanese, Madness), who claims to be his sister yet still becomes incredibly attractive to our hero.

This film finds itself — like most of the direct-to-video erotic thrillers released in the 90s — between the softcore film and the giallo. This has an intriguing theme — who is Carlo’s father, why did he potentially kill his mother in a car accident and, this being an Italian movie, will he sleep with his half-sister — to keep things moving across 88 minutes.

As for Carlo’s father, he’s played by David Warbeck, a veteran of Italian film, thanks to appearances in The BeyondThe Ark of the Sun GodMiami GolemRatmanDomino and Fatal Frames. It was pretty great to see — for me — a major name show up in one of Mattei’s late period films.

Here’s hoping someone — Severin, one would assume — gets all of these 90s Mattei movies out sooner or later. If we can enjoy a gorgeous version of Fulci’s The Devil’s Honey, why not Attrazione Pericolosa?

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