BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Legittima Vendetta (1995)

After working with Ninì Grassia on three films for the former adult actress turned mainstream actress Ramba AKA Malù AKA Ileana Carisio with no credit, Bruno Mattei worked again with Grassia — who co-wrote the screenplay and the music — on this film.

Paolo and Barbara Roversi (Antonio Zequila, who appeared in several of Mattei’s 90s erotic thrillers, and Gala Orlova, who was in Joe D’Amato’s Instinct and Pasquale Fanetti’s Lady Chatterley’s Passions 2: Julie’s Secret) have moved to the villa of Floriana (Monica Carpanese, Madness), a young rich girl who obsessed with dolls, instantly recalling the themes of many giallo.

Barbara is an actress and Paolo a businessman, but the stress of their lives has gotten to both of them. They plan an angle where they’ll become friends with Floriana and convince her to commit a crime, then blackmail her. The crime? Murdering Paolo, who will fake his death and then, they’ll take the strange woman’s collection of diamonds.

But you know how these erotic thrillers go.

This was produced at the same time as Omicidio al Telefono and Mattei claimed that he has never seen the edited versions of either film, as his contract only involved directing. He did, however, direct this under his most famous other name, Vincent Dawn.

However, he had issues with the actors, in particular Zequila, of whom he said, “He had to say a very ordinary line, “Women never keep their mouths shut .” He couldn’t say it and kept repeating variations on the line like, “women keep their mouths shut” and “women have their mouths shut” until at a certain point, I said to him, “I am writing this down for you on a piece of paper!””

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