The Other Side of the Ring (2021)

Delilah Doom — whose entrance music is “Let’s Go To The Mall” by Robin Sparkles– is the Queen of Aerobic Style and a lover of jazzercise.

Shelly Martinez was Salinas in TNA and Ariel in the WWE version ECW, as well as a contestant on  The Search for the Next Elvira and the official Hollywood event correspondent and hostess for the horror news website

“The Bully Buster” Keta Meggett came to wrestling from the world of acting and has used it to increase her self-esteem.

Katarina Leigh Waters was known as the occult character Winter in TNA and Katie Lea Burchill in WWE. She also appeared in a series of DVDs from Scorpion Releasing, introducing several movies as part of Katarina’s Nightmare Theater

All four women are part of Jeremy Norrie’s (Don’t Call Me BigfootWhy We FightThe Other Side of the RIng, which tells their stores about being a woman in the world of wrestling. I think if you’re a superfan of groups like RISE and Shimmer, you’ll get a lot out of this movie. You’re not going to learn anything groundbreaking, but it’s interesting to see where the women came from and how hard they’re worked for their position.

You can watch this now on Tubi.

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