EDITOR’S NOTE: This movie originally appeared on our site on October 12, 2019. Now that it’s been released on UHD and blu ray by Blue Underground, we’ve edited that article and added some new information.

Their new UHD and blu ray set includes Ultra HD Blu-ray (2160p) and HD Blu-ray (1080p) Widescreen 2.35:1 feature presentations, as well as new audio commentary with director Alan Smithee*, a making-of documentary, deleted and extended scenes, the trailer, a gallery and the original synopsis.

You can order Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence from MVD.

But what if the Maniac Cop found love?

This is the question we must answer.

Aren’t we all worthy of adoration?

Even those of us who have risen from the grave and killed numerous people in an obsessive quest for bloody revenge?

But first, the problem of bringing back the Maniac Cop, Officer Matthew Cordell, played once again by Robert Z’Dar. Leave that to Houngan Malfaiteur, played by Julius Harris from Hell Up In HarlemBlack Caesar and Superfly. I love the character names that Harris had in movies, like Tee Hee Johnson in Live and Let Die, Gravedigger in Darkman and Speedbagger in Prayer of the Rollerboys. He uses the dark powers of voodoo to bring our favorite boy in blue back from the beyond.

Meanwhile, there’s also another cop named Katie Sullivan (Gretchen Becker, who is also in Firehead and was Martin Landau’s partner until the end of his life) who gets shot in a convenience store holdup. Thanks to more police corruption, she’s painted as using excessive force and the man who shot her is due to go free, which upsets investigating officer Sean McKinney (the returning — and always awesome — Robert Davi).

It also upsets the Maniac Cop, who shows up to the hospital ready for mayhem. He kills one guy with defibrillator paddles and another with straight-up x-ray radiation. And the four reporters who joined in on Kate’s frameup? Toast.

McKinney joins up with Doctor Susan Fowler (Caitlin Dulany, who along with Jesica Barth, formed Voices in Action after the multiple accusations against Harvey Weinstein) to investigate the murders and Kate’s strange behavior, even though she’s braindead.

The Maniac Cop is interested in Kate, who Houngan claims refuses to return from the land of the dead. So he does what any of us would do. He sets everything — including himself — on fire.

Despite getting blown up real good, the body of the titular protagonist survives enough to hold Kate’s charred hand, even in the morgue.

This movie is packed with talent, including The Breakfast Club‘s Paul Gleason, one-time Freddy Krueger actor Jackie Earle Haley as holdup man Frank Jessup and Doug Savant from Melrose Place and Robert Forster as doctors.

The church used in the film is the same location as Prince of Darkness, LA’s Union Center for the Arts.

Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence had a troubled production. Despite director William Lustig’s rough cut clocking in at just 51 minutes, he refused to shoot the additional scenes the producers wanted. That’s why the Blue Underground release has Alan Smithee listed as director. To fill in the gaps, there are several scenes that are obvious outtakes from Maniac Cop 2.

*When we interviewed producer — and one half of the Alan Smithee mentioned above — Joel Soisson, he said that he had just finished the commentary track for this and that it was a sparring match with William Lustig and said that it was not your typical commentary track lovefest.


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