The Red Monks (1988)

You know, it’s strange that the name Lucio Fulci had such power and in 1988 he couldn’t get the funding or attention to make a movie.That’s why it’s so weird that this film’s producer, Pino Buricchi, made a big deal out of the fact that Fulci did the special effects for this movie and may have even co-directed the movie.

Imagine how director Gianni Martucci (Trhauma) felt getting Spielberged by The Godfather of Gore, even saying that Fulci was too sick to work on the movie.

When Fulci saw the poster — which says Lucio Fulci presents — he replied, “Presents what?” The first time that he claims that he heard about this movie was when it was released on video.

Ramona Curtis (Lara Wendel, Ghosthouse) has married Robert Garlini and moved into his ancestral home, which seems nice, but he’s always down in the basement instead of down on her, so that leads her to follow him and she soon learns of his family curse. I mean, she has some secrets as well, but these red-robed monks in the basement demand her virgin blood every four days. And that’s, well, it’s a little invasive, right?

Fulci sued this movie and got a sticker put on every box to say that he wasn’t the director. Good for him.

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