SLASHER MONTH: Trapped Alive (1988)

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: Three prison escapees, two women on the way to a party and a deputy sheriff all get trapped in a mine with a cannibal.

Yes, but Cameron Mitchell is in it.

Director and writer Leszek Burzynski gets my watch only because he wrote the absolutely berserk Tiny Tim vehicle Blood Harvest. Man, Wisconsin is a weird place, huh?

The bad guys — Louis “Face” Napoleon, Mongo and Randolph “Hot Rod” Carter — kidnap Monica and Robin early — she’s Mitchell’s daughter — and proceed to drive their car right into a mineshaft. Deputy Billy Williams is on the case, right after he makes some sweet love for the foreign buyers, and then drives off to Forever Mine, which was the name of this movie while it sat on the shelf gathering dust.

But what if that woman he’s arrdvarking had a connection to whatever is in that mine? What then, huh?

Also: a Christmas movie.

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