SLASHER MONTH: Terror Night (1987)

Cameron Mitchell, Alan Hale Jr., Aldo Ray and Dan Haggerty all in one movie? Are you trying to give Bill Van Ryn a heart attack, Nick Marino?

Actually, Marino may not have even directed this. Instead, it may have been a combination of Fred J. Lincoln (who in addition to playing Weasel Podowski in The Last House on the Left directed 310 movies like Garden of Eatin’ and A Place Beyond Shame and also owner Plato’s Retreat at one point) and the eyepatch-wearing Andre DeToth, who shot House of Wax in 3D despite not being able to see in three dimensions.

A bunch of no good kids — hey look, effects expert William Butler and there’s Michelle Bauer and adult star Jamie “the Brat” Summers — sneak into the mansion of Lance Hayward (John Ireland), who has gone mad and loves to dress up as his old characters and kill people.

This movie sat and collected dust for twenty years before it finally escaped. All of the old footage in it had copyright issues, so it’s back to no one talking about it. Seek it out, check it out, enjoy the old Hollywood killing.

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