13 Fanboy (2021)

Written, directed and produced by Deborah Voorhees (Tina from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning but also Roxie from Avenging Angel), this film fills the void that the lawsuit of the ownership of the Friday the 13th movies has left by making a movie that has stars Dee Wallace (pretty much everything good about the 80s), C.J. Graham (Jason in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives), Kane Hodder (the actor who pretty much is Jason), Corey Feldman (Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter), Lar Park Lincoln (Tina in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), Judie Aronson (Samantha from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter), Ron Sloan (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), Jennifer Banko (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), Tracie Savage (Debbie from Friday the 13th Part III 3D) as pretty much themselves for the most part.

After witnessing the murder of her grandmother Deborah Voorhees — get yourself out of the way so that you can direct — Kelsie has ben traumatized. She’s also the only one that realizes that other Friday the 13th actresses are being killed by a fan who is redoing the death scenes from the movies. For some reason, he also wants Dee Wallace dead.

The result is a fine slasher — not good or great, but serviceable — that stays around a bit too long and has a few too many twists at the end, but hey — we have’t had one of these movies for this cast in too long. So it’s nice to see all of these actors on screen and getting paid, as the lack of conventions over the coronavirus shut down had to ruin their finances.

I wish the killer looked a little more unique, but the practical kills work well enough. I also kind of hope that everyone shooting digital realizes they can do more than a simple color pass on their film and works to make it look richer and more unique, but dare to dream, right?

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