SLASHER MONTH: Der Samurai (2014)

Jakob is a policeman in a village deep in the woods. Nothing ever happens, but then a wolf shows up, but it’s really a transvestite samurai and if you can accept that plot twist, you’re pretty much ready for whatever happens next.

The townspeople see Jakob as weak because he’s so polite, mild and young, an outsider in their home and the bikers that regularly take advantage of the village think even less of him. So Jacob sits at home and makes his miniature village and then sometimes, he takes bloody meat into the woods to give the wolf a meal and he feels a bond growing.

But is the wolf real? Is the samurai the wolf? Is Jakob supposed to watch, help or stop the wolf? Are they all parts of Jakob’s brain or are they all real? And most importantly, is this a slasher or a giallo?

Till Kleinert hasn’t made a movie since this. I don’t know if he ever has to again, because this is nearly perfect the first time out. But I sure hope he does.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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