SLASHER MONTH: Stitches (2012)

We watched Conor McMahon’s Let the Wrong One In last month, which led us to this movie, in which Richard Grindle is Stitches the clown, cursed by an egg to always remain alive until he finishes the party that he was at where a group of unruly kids jerked around and caused his very violent death.

Years later, as he’s restored to his undead life, Stitches hunts down each of the kids who caused his death one by one and dispatches them in a manner most unbecoming to a happy clown.

With shoutouts to A Nightmare On Elm Street — main character Tommy takes the same Hypnocil that the Elm Street kids did to keep their dreams from happening — and no small amount of the grisly red stuff, consider Stitches if you’ve run out of slashers for your October watching.

One thought on “SLASHER MONTH: Stitches (2012)

  1. You know what I liked about this movie! It was a killer clown but he wasn’t overtly trying to be a terrifying clown. Everyone is trying to make scary clown movies like IT cause Pennywise is so scary. But Stitches doesn’t seem to use the scary clown bit like other evil clown films. It’s just nice.


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