SLASHER MONTH: Khooni Murdaa (1989)

Yes, if you’re going to watch one Bollywood Freddy movie — hello Mahakaal — you should watch another.

This movie is a mess, but it’s also a buffet of the first three A Nightmare on Elm Street films all at once with many of the best kills being redone on a much smaller budget.

This one is about Ranjit, a stalker who gets put in a mental asylum after he won’t leave some teens alone, and one of them — Rekha — hates him so much that it gives him the supernatural power to ruin lives. After nearly being strangled in a game of tug of war, the kids toss the nascent ek hajaar paagalon ka kameena beta into a campfire, so the kids do the right thing and hide the body because I Know What You Did Last Summer wouldn’t come out in India for 8 years.

Watching Bollywood versions of your favorite films takes some getting used to, as this starts with nearly an hour of stalking and courtroom drama before suddenly becoming a greatest hits package, along with not funny at all comedy filler and multiple song and dance numbers, all so that the running time is so long you really could have watched all the movies that it was inspired by — ripped off — in the same time.

But hey, you’ve seen all those movies before.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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