FANTASTIC FEST: Let the Wrong One In (2021)

Matt’s older brother Deco turns up with a hangover one morning — like always — and when he’s let in, it turns out that he needs more than just some aspirin and sleep. His new fangs prove that he’s been attacked by the vampires that haunt Dublin, led by the ex-fiancee of Henry (Anthony Head, Giles of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), once just a trainspotting history lover, now a vampire killing cab driver.

Obviously taking its title from Let the Right One In, this is a comedy take on vampires filled with more gore than you’ll see in several undead movies.

Director Conor McMahon made Stitches a few years back. This is a big movie for the director and feels like exactly something Shudder would pick up, just like 2019’s Thirst. The film also boasts lush scenery — and some Dublin dives — including Ringsend, as well as the Bram Stoker Museum/Castle Dracula in Clontarf.

While it’s played for laughs here, the metaphor of drug addiction being like vampirism and you make the problem worse when you invite the person into your life — or the vampire inside your home — is a solid one. It may not contribute much new to vampiric lore — seeing Giles teach a young kid about sandlewood stakes is a nice touch — but it’s the kind of movie that is out to make you laugh, cheer and shout out loud.

Let the Wrong One In is playing Fantastic Fest this week. As soon as we discover where it’s steaming, we’ll update this post.

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