Schoolgirls In Chains (1973)

Also known as Abducted, Come Play with Us, Girls in Chains, Let’s Play Dead and The Abduction, this movie predates Mother’s Day to feature two crazed brothers — living under the wizened thumb of their mother — who kidnap women and force them to play increasingly depraved games that end up in death.

Inspired by an actual incident in which a missing woman’s car was discovered on the side of the road — but the woman was never found — this proves that 1973 was a very nasty — pardon the pun — time to be alive.

Shockingly, this is a well-acted affair, with Gary Kent (who appeared in many an Al Adamson film as well as having an entire film, Danger God, made about him) and John Parker as the Barrows brothers and Cheryl Waters (Macon County Line), Suzanne Lund and Merrie Lynn Ross (who appeared in Class of 1999, White House Madness and Bobbi Joe and the Outlaw) as their potential victims.

Don Jones would also direct Sweater GirlsThe Love ButcherWho Killed Cock Robin?Lethal Pursuit and, of course, the absolutely deranged The Forest, which also had Kent in a lead role. This was shot by Ron Garcia, who would go on to work on films like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and direct The Toy Box, which is another video nasty that we’ll be covering.

A section 3 video nasty, this is one of the many early 70s films that I wonder who was begging for in the UK before all the controversy began.

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