Danger God (2019)

It’s been claimed that Gary Kent is one of the inspirations for Brad Pitt’s character Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood. After all, they both encountered the Mansons at Spahn Ranch.

While working on the films of Richard Rush, Ray Dennis Steckler and Al Adamson, Kent looked death in the eye and giggled. This is the man who doubled for Jack Nicholson at the start of his career on movies like Hells Angels on Wheels and The Savage Seven.

The film just feels right — like you’re sitting with Kent as he looks back on his crazy life, the loves and the losses along the way. It’s not fancy or overly glossy — it shouldn’t be — but you come away with a respect for stuntmen. Hell, you should have had that before this movie, but if it causes you to learn that, it’s a great thing.

This movie is now available on demand and DVD.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR agency. That has nothing to do with our review.

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