The Red Headed Corpse (1972)

Also known as The Sensuous Doll and Sweet Spirits (or in Italy, La rossa dalla pelle che scotta AKA The Redhead with Hot Skin), this one is…well, I don’t even know if I’d call it a giallo. I’d actually say that it has to fit in there because what else would you call it? A mannequin movie?

Farley Granger is John Ward, a starving — and drunken — artist who transforms a faceless mannequin that he gets from a gaggle of hippies (is that the right word for a group of them?) into a work of art that eventually becomes a real living and breathing woman that he starts to abuse, so she starts sleeping around. Seeing as how that woman is Erika Blanc, you can see how much I hate our protagonist.

Of course, by the end, he’s offering up his soul for one more night in her bed. So is this a supernatural film? Whatever it is, it’s way darker than the 80s would make a mannequin film. Or two on the move.

Do you think Farley Granger muttered to director Renzo Russo (The Kinky Darlings), “You know, I deserve better than this. I was in two Hitchcock movies!”? I’m sure that Erika Bella was like, “Yeah? I was in The Devil’s Nightmare and A Man for Emmanuelle! So there!”

I’d like to think so.

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