Fear (1990)

Cayce Bridges (Ally Sheedy) — nice first name — is a remote viewer and empath who can mentally find and link with murderers, allowing the police to catch them. However, once she meets the Shadow Man, she learns that there’s a psychic that is even more powerful than she is.

So much American giallo seems fixated on the psychic detective who can find a killer that ends up getting stuck inside her mind. That said, this film has a wonderful performance by Ally Sheedy to shore it up as well as a bonkers scene at a dinner where she suddenly links minds with the killer and begins ruins numerous rich folks’ fancy evening out.

Plus, Michael O’Keefe, John Agar and Lauren Hutton make for what is in our existence a pretty decent cast.

Writer/director Rockne S. Bannon’s career has mostly been in science fiction, as he wrote the theatrical and TV versions of Alien Nation, as well as plenty more TV like FarScape, the 90s Twilight Zone and Cult.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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