Madness (1971)

Paolo Lupi (Thomas Hunter, The Vampire Happening and the writer of The Final Countdown) convinces two older patients in the asylum he is trapped at to escape. One is quickly found, the other is run over by a car and Paolo manages to escape to a country home where he hides as a party starts. When everyone drops acid, he goes to work and they wake up to find a dead girl. They decide to bury her in the garden to stay out of trouble, but he’s still in the house. And they’ve left another girl, Francesca (Francesca Romana Coluzzi, who was Red Sonja‘s mother) alone in the house.

What kind of movie is Madness? Is it giallo? Is it a rape revenge film? A poliziotteschi? A musical with all the dancing? Who can say?

Is Paolo even the real murderer? And have you ever seen such a sad orgy before?

Director Cesare Rau only made this one movie. He was a second unit director on Death Walks In Laredo, but there’s not much else info on him. Of the writers, Alfredo Lupo has the most credits, and they include being the production manager of Reflections in Black under the name…Cesare Rau? Are they the same person?

The only thing I don’t have questions on is that the theme of this movie, “Madness,” was composed by Black Sunday Flowers, which is really Paolo Ormi, who was the musical director for The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh and contributed to the soundtracks of Terror Force CommandoBárbara and The Porno Killers.

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