Death Will Have Your Eyes (1974)

With a title that makes it sound like EyeballDeath Will Have Your Eyes was released in Italy with a much simpler name: La moglie giovane or The Young Wife.

Marisa Mell — who always ends up being the best part of the many unknown giallo I’ve been watching — has come to Rome and slid into the world’s oldest profession. She soon marries a poetic doctor named  Armando (Farley Granger) yet is really in love with Steffano (Riccardo Salvino, Colt 38 Special Squad). Murder is the only way out, but then there’s the matter of someone who has seen too much and begins blackmailing our heroine financially and sexually to keep the secret.

Seriously, the majority of Mell’s movies have her being blackmailed for sex. Is this a genre of its own? Because this movie may seem like it has all the elements of the giallo but is closer to a drama with crime elements. I do like that the blackmailer hates Mell’s character Louisa as he sees her as one of the entitled upper class without knowing where she came from.

Helga Line (The Killer of DollsSo Sweet…So Perverse) also is in this as one of the working girls that Mell is friends with. There’s also some great Stelvio Cipriani (The Lickerish QuartetA Bay of BloodBaron BloodPieces) music in this, too.

Writer and co-director Giovanni d’Eramo only directed one other movie and I would have liked to have seen more of his work. His co-scriptwriter, Antonio Fos, has a much bigger list of credits, including writing Naked Girl Murdered in the ParkIt Happened at Nightmare InnThe Frenchman’s GardenPanic Beats and plenty of other fine works.

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