Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994)

Veronica Iscariot (Angela Featherstone, Linda from The Wedding Singer) is a rebellious young demoness who wants to leave Hell for Earth, where she can live amongst the humans. Her father Hellikan (Nicholas Worth, who is of course Kirk Smith from Don’t Answer the Phone) gets sick of her behavior and decides to kill her because that’s what fatherly behavior is like in the inferno. Her mother Theresa (Charlotte Stewart, Mary X from Eraserhead and Betty Briggs in Twin Peaks) saves her and sends her to the world above with Hellraiser, her faithful hellhound.

Much like a Terminator — and to appease foreign sales — Veronica appears in our reality completely naked and is then hit by a car. She’s saved by Dr. Max Barris and they pretty much fall in love and immediately move in together, which should not work, but when you’re a demon and your dad keeps trying to kill you, your daddy issues are subscriptions and we can see why the doctor is ready to deliver multiple prescriptions for putting the ranch dressing in the Hidden Valley.

So what do you do if you’re a demon on Earth? You start killing muggers, I guess. Then you move on to dealing with bad politicians, corrupt cops and racism, if you’re the hero of this film. How weird is it that this is a feminist demon movie that doesn’t suck?

Thanks, Linda Hassani. Now I have to hunt down your work on the Playboy TV anthology series Inside Out, which claims to “do to softcore sex films what HBO’s Tales from the Crypt did for horror.”

She was also listed as a director on Full Moon’s Bunker of Blood: Chapter 5: Psycho Sideshow: Demon Freaks but that seems like a re-edit, just like Tomb of Terror, which cuts this story down to about half an hour.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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