Trancers II (1991)

I bought this movie for $1 at a 7-11 and in no way do I feel cheated or upset about my purchase.

Over the last six years since Trancers — we can kind of, sort of ignore the Trancers: City of Lost Angels short that was supposed to be in Pulse Pounders — Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) has gotten used to being in the 20th century with his wife Lena (Helen Hunt) and friend Hap Ashby (Biff Manard), who has invested his money and now shares a mansion with our happy couple.

However, Whistler has a brother who is played by Richard Lynch, which immediately makes this movie better than the first one, and he has an environmental company named GreenWorld that is really a Trancer farm. Barbara Crampton is also in this, so all of my checkboxes are nearly filled for the term “all-star cast.”

Making things even more difficult is that Jack’s dead wife Alice Stillwell (Megan Ward, who is in Amityville: It’s About Time and Arcade) has somehow made it to our time, but Jack knows that when she goes back, she’s destined to die.

There’s also a sneaky ad for Crash and Burn in this. I appreciate that.

This is also full of family members of the cast, with two of the derelicts being Helen Hunt and Charles Band’s fathers, Lynch’s cameraman being played by his son Christopher, Tim Thomerson’s brother and father as two other homeless men and the two elderly ladies at the Landscape Company are Charles Band’s mom and former mother-in-law.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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