Escapes (1986)

This shot on video anthology film was chopped up and played in between shows on the Sci-Fi Network, when that was a thing before SyFy. So if one of these stories sounds familiar to you, that could be why.

Vincent Price plays the mailman and host of these stories, as a man opens a package and puts in the video tape that has all of these horrific little tales on them. From a fisherman getting his just desserts to bad directions, werecats chasing a larger man through the woods, alien crash landings, a bridge haunted by hobgoblins, magic crystals, frightening dreams and the horror of living in the city, this movie is all over the place yet not every frightening or well-made.

Writer/producer/director David Steensland only made this one and done film, but at least he had the sense to hire Price for a single day

Intervision put this out on a double DVD with Dark Harvest. It’s out of print, however.

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