Troublesome Night 3 (1998)

I have OCD really bad, I think. I mean, why else would you write about forty horror anthology films in one week? Here’s where it really kicks in: there are twenty Troublesome Night movies and I will never rest until I see every one of them. I will be a ghost, like in these films, forever blundering around the world until I see the final films in the series. And then, they will reboot it.

In the third Troublesome Night, a mortuary connects the stories. In the first, a mortician (Allen Ting, who was in the first two movies in this series) is ruined by the death of his favorite singer, so he takes her place in the coffin when her face is too damaged to allow for an open casket. Then he disappears because Hong Kong horror is weird.

The second tale revolves around a mother (Law Lan, who started acting in 1939 and is still performing) who has killed herself and the mortuary workers who keep getting more money out of her daughter (Christine Ng, Crime Story) for her funeral. Of course, they must pay the price.

Finally, the last story gets as dark as I’ve seen this series go, as a mortician commits suicide when her boyfriend leaves her because her job upsets him. Her ghost haunts him right into death.

Now my ectoplasmic form must depart to seek out Troublesome Night 4.

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