Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors (1967)

You may say, “This title sounds a lot like Amicus’ Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors.” The studio and their lawyers felt the same way, as this movie was forced to change its title, which means that it played under the other names Return from the Past, The Blood Suckers, Alien Massacre, Gallery of Horror and The Witch’s Clock.

It was directed by David L. Hewitt, who went from working in a traveling spook show to making movies like The Wizard of MarsMonsters Crash the Pajama PartyThe Mighty Gorga and The Girls from Thunder Strip. He wrote the script, basing it on stories by Russ Jones, who created Creepy. Jones also plays a man killed by a mob and a corpse back from the dead, even creating his own makeup.

“The Witches Clock” is the only story with lead actor John Carradine in it — he also narrates — and tells the story of a couple buying a Salem mansion with a haunted clock that has the power to bring the dead back to life. It has a pretty great conclusion, as the entire house and everyone in the story is set on fire, with Carradine’s character coming back to start the cycle all over again with a new family.

“King of the Vampires” features Scotland Yard against a bloodsucker. There’s a pretty forward thinking close here as well with the police unable to wrap their minds around the fact that the killer just might not be a man.

“Monster Raid” isn’t as good as the first two stories, as it’s a simple back from the dead to get revenge on a conniving wife story.

“The Spark of Life” lives up to its name, as Lon Chaney Jr. is a scientist who gets two students to help him bring a man back from the dead. However, their experiment isn’t a success because that man was a murderer and he may have been better dead.

“Count Alucard” pits Dracula against Harker (one of several roles in this movie for Roger Gentry), a vampire hater with a secret.

This movie does something amazing: it steals from Roger Corman, who usually steals from himself. There’s footage from The TerrorHouse of UsherThe Raven and The Haunted Palace used in several places in this.

“So shocking it will sliver your liver!” That’s a great tagline. This isn’t a great film. But any movie that has Carradine as a narrator can never be hated.

You can watch this on Tubi.

One thought on “Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors (1967)

  1. The end of the first segment was quick and a little disjointed, And other than knowing that the cycle starts over again, I’m really not sure what happened there.


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