Edge of Town (2020)

Family is a hard thing to deal with. You can’t choose them or change who they are, but only adjust the way that you will deal with them. However, this film’s protagonist Summer Roome has a harder to deal with family than most.

When her driftless younger brother and wayward father reenter her life — along with new knowledge about their past sins — she has to figure out how she fits — or doesn’t fit in at all — with her family.

A spiritual sequel to 2018’s Edge of Town — also by writer/director Christopher Flippo — this film brings back Geoff James, who was Sugar Baby in that movie. Plus, it has one face that horror fans may recognize. Duane Whitaker has been in everything from Hobgoblins — he was Roadrash — to Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre IIIVice Academy Part 2 and Tales from the Hood.

While an independent film, this movie has heart to spare even if it doesn’t have the budget. It reminds us all that at some point, the children start to become the adults, which is an incredibly difficult transition.


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