The Woman Hunter (1972)

The CBS Movie of the Week on September 19, 1972, The Woman Hunter has what I consider an all-star cast, what with Barbara Eden in the lead, alongside Stuart Whitman, Larry Storch and Robert Vaughn. Like I said — it’s what I say is an all-star cast.

Dina Hunter (Eden) has two things that most giallo heroines do: lots of money and plenty of potential mental problems. So when she survives a fender bender and decides to go to Mexico with her husband (Vaughn), who is surprised that the artist she hired to paint her portrait (Whitman) just might be a jewel thief and murderer?

This was written by written by Brian Clemens (Captain KronosAnd Soon the Darkness) and Tony Williamson (Adam Adamant Lives!The Avengers), with this being Clemens first U.S. work and Williamson’s only script made over here. It’s directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, who stepped in for John Peyser (The Centerfold Girls). I assume that everyone enjoyed shooting this on location in Acapulco.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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