Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974)

In a better world, there would be way more than just one movie with Captain Kronos (Horst Janson, dubbed by Julian Holloway) in it. Along with his partner Professor Hieronymus Grost (John Cater), he’s come to town to investigate a series of vampire-style murders, but while he’s there, why not romance Carla (Caroline Munro), a gypsy girl in jail for dancing on the Sabbath?

The only movie directed by Brian Clemens, who also wrote for the Avengers as well as the movies Dr. Jekyll and Sister HydeAnd Soon the Darkness and — I’m sorry — Highlander 2: The Quickening, this really has everything I want in a movie. A tough hero. A gorgeous girl. Evil incarnate. And enough fighting and swashbuckling to keep me invested for 91 minutes.

You have to love a movie that posits that different vampires need to be killed in different ways, then has a scene where the heroes try every method to kill one of the undead until it stays dead.

For everyone that says that this movie is kind of boring, it’s a movie that has a sword with a mirror on it that kills bloodsuckers and Caroline Munro is in it. I mean, are you that greedy that you want any more than that?

Also, in my perfect world, there would have totally been a Kronos and Christopher Lee face-off. I’m not one for remakes, but this is one that should happen.

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