Rymdinvasion i Lappland (1959)

EDITOR’S NOTE: How about I already watched this back on January 7 of last year? Oh well — this time I went deeper into the original vesion of this movie.

In Sweden, this name’s title translates as Space Invasion of Lapland. Internationally, it was Terror In the Midnight Sun. And in America, after it was purchased by Associated Distributors Productions Inc. — Jerry Warren’s company — it became Invasion of the Animal People.

Warren is legendary to me because sure, he took movies from other countries and sliced and diced them, but many of the foreign movies that he brought to America would have been seen here otherwise.

Mexican (Bullet for Billy the Kid, La Momia Azteca — which became Attack of the Mayan Mummy and Face of the Screaming Werewolf, which also has scenes from La Casa del Terror), La Marca del Muerto which was Warren’s Creature of the Walking Dead), Brazilian (The Violent and the Damned) Swedish, (No Time to Kill, X) and Chilean films (La Casa está Vacía and La Dama de la Muerte edited to make Curse of the Stone Hand) all went through the Warren blender, during which he would cut out the original dialogue, shoot new scenes in which the American actors would give the exposition and also feature scenes of people talking to one another. Somehow, he got to keep making these movies and made some money. Warren even released two singles at this time with his band The Pets, “Streets of Love” and “Monkey Walk.”

Sadly, after The Wild World of Batwoman, Warren would stop making movies for 15 years, coming back to just make one more, Frankenstein Island.

Sure, Warren did movies on his own, but we’re here to discuss his cut and paste career, which starts here. The funny thing is that the original film was shot in English and by all accounts made narrative sense. The remix, however, does not.

There’s an entire framing device that adds twenty minutes to the movie before we get to the UAP that’s flying over Sweden and also John Carradine as your narrator. That’s because according to Swedish producer Bertil Jernberg, his co-producer Gustaf Unger had told him that Paramount was buying their film, then sold it. to Warren and kept all the money.

So yeah — Warren cut the movie down by 18-minutes and still was able to add footage, which I call being really great at math. Now, Diane Wilson has been involved with alien craft before and there are also some ham radio operators who show up, take time away from the main tale and never show up again. Some of the cut footage did, however, come back when this movie was sold to syndication and that footage is a Jerry Warren trademark — people sit around and discuss the action we’ve seen already.

You can download the original version of this movie on the Internet Archive.

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