La Momia Azteca (1957)

Across three movies all shot at the same time, Popoca the Aztec Mummy wreaked havoc across Mexico before his adventures were remixed by — you guessed it — Jerry Warren and retitled Attack of the Mayan Mummy. His version ends with the mummy killed by a car off-camera in one of the most anti-climactic scenes I’ve seen in a horror film.

Popoca was buried alive after being caught having an affair with Xochitl, who was put to death for her sin. Popoca must forever guard her remains within the Great Pyramid of Yucatán for his sins.

As we move into modern times, Dr. Eduardo Almada uses hypnosis to get his fiancee Flor Sepúlveda to go back to her past lives. You guessed it, she’s really Xochitl. They use her memories to find the pyramid and take a gold breastplate, which brings Popoca back from the dead. As things happen, some gangsters get involved as well, as they want the treasures protected by the mummy.

Obviously, this movie is incredibly influenced by the Universal series of films, down to the lighting and music.

This film is 80 minutes, but the net two films are much shorter while filled with flashbacks to this movie.

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