La Casa del Terror (1960)

Casimiro (Mexican comedian Tin Tan) is the lazy night watchman for a wax museum, but the reason why he’s been so sleepy is because his boss has been draining his blood and using it to bring the dead back to life, including a mummy who is also a werewolf! Yes, that’s Lon Chaney Jr., flying to Mexico in 1959 to make this totally bonkers movie.

It takes seeing his girlfriend get taken and his boss killed by the werewolf to get our hero to act, at which point he kills a werewolf in the traditional way: he beats it to death with a torch and sets everything on fire.

Jerry Warren bought the film and combined fit with La Momia Azteca, edited out all the comedy, kept all the Chaney, shot some new footage and renamed it Face of the Screaming Werewolf. Movies are amazing, huh?

You can watch this on YouTube.

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