Vicious (2016)

Roxy is an exotic dancer is stalked by a man who won’t leave her alone until she agrees to stop being a dancer, which causes her to lose everything in her life that she ever cared about. Pretty much every man — with the possible exception of the bouncer — is a horrible person and our heroine has to figure out a way to simply survive.

I expected this movie to be a quick and cheap stripper movie and ended up watching a movie that was well directed and filmed that built some genuine tension throughout. Writer/director Jason Rosenblatt has been making shorts since this movie, but I’m really interested in his next full-length attempt.

Check it out for yourself and see a film that tells the story of the control of dancers on stage and the control that men try to exert upon them.

You can watch this on Tubi or order it from Wild Eye Releasing.

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