BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: In the Land of the Cannibals (2004)

Bruno Mattei uses the name Martin Miller here, but come on. The moment we see that this movie is pretty much Cannibal Holocaust with soldiers, we know who is behind this movie. To make sure that we’re completely certain that Bruno is in directing, the fact that footage from Predator is completely stolen and placed within this film is a neon sign saying, “Sam watch this.”

You have to give Bruno credit for naming one soldier Romero and another Vasquez. It’s as if he’s saying, “Guys, I can’t help it. I just like to see how much stealing I can get away with.”

So yeah. These commandos go into the jungle to rescue a senator’s daughter, but she’s gone native and is now part of the tribe. This would be why this movie is also known as Cannibal Holocaust 3: Cannibals vs Commandos.

Shot at the same time as Mondo Cannibal, this may not be as good as that film, but it has refreshingly little real animal violence. Yes, I can watch all manner of people be masticated upon, but cut one turtles head off and I get squeamish.

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