BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Ljuba – Corpo e anima (1997)

Body and Soul is a little-seen Bruno Mattei film in which has a model named Ljuba (Christine Dowell, who only made this movie) getting horizontally involved with a uranium thief.

By 1997, Mattei had realized what most horror directors have learned today about Christmas movies. If a genre sells, make every movie you can within it. The Italian exploitation mindset, already used to the giallo and sex comedies, was easily able to adjust when the world wanted knockoffs of Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction. Mattei made several films in this field like A Shudder on the SkinBelle de MoirreSnuff Killer and Legittima Vendetta.

Those who have watched too many Italian genre films — hello friends! — will notice Gianni Franco (Rats: The Night of TerrorDelirium) and Massimo Vanni (Shocking Dark) in this movie.

And for those of you that know Bruno Mattei, you’ll be pleased to know that he completely takes the limo love scene from No Way Out.


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