The Bride in Black (1990)

You know, I never watched soap operas, but Susan Lucci knew how to make a TV movie. Yeah, she may have been nominated for an Emmy every year for All My Children, but she made some awesome stuff like Invitation to Hell, Haunted by Her Past and Lady Mobster.

Yet this tale of Lucci’s Italian shopgirl falling for David Soul and watching him get gunned down on her wedding day before following his past life has a twist that I feel that only I could appreciate. It was made in Pittsburgh!

It also has Reginald VelJohnson as a boxer who teaches Lucci how to take care of herself, Finola Hughes as an old flame of Soul’s and Tony Todd. Tony Todd in a TV movie!

Director James Goldstein also made RollercoasterJigsaw and Cry Panic. Either fate has made me watch these movies for the reason that they are connected by this director or I just watch way too many movies. Perhaps both.

This also has Ronald V. Garcia as cinematographer. He was the director of The Toy Box and shot Fire Walk with Me.

This was written by soap scribe Claire Labine and Jack Laird, the man who wrote all the silly parts of Night Gallery. But yeah — at one point, Lucci was in the City of Champions, making a movie where she undergoes the journey of introspection that comes from having one’s life violently destroyed before one’s eyes. I can only imagine that she went to Images to dance after filming wrapped.

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