The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders (2019)

Every cheerleader movie I’ve watched so far has this set-up: trouble young girl with daddy issues moves to a new school, decides to be a cheerleader despite never doing it before yet because she’s a dancer, she’s amazing at it, then someone who should be her new best friend screws her life up and someone either dies or comes real close to it. Resolve and credits.

This is coming from the guy who has watched 542 slashers.

Ava lost her dad, got into trouble — she did Adderall! — and then went to a new school and her mom Denise Richards is convinced that she’s going to go back to being a bad girl. Homecoming queen and cheer captain Katrina doesn’t want any new girl getting in her way and she has an arsenal of evil tricks and initiations to take out our heroine.

Director Peter Sullivan’s IMDB page goes between horror, Lifetime movies and Christmas films, which is pretty much the only movies that make money. This one is decent, but I was really hoping for even more insanity. Then again, the majority of my watching is devoted to giallo and regional films, so I’m pretty desensitized.

It’s part of Lifetime’s new Cheer! Rally! Kill! 5-Film Collection, which features four other movies with cheerleaders in trouble that’s now available on DVD.

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