Day of the Pigs (2020)

El Apache (Tino Zamora, The Beast Beneath, Angry Asian Murder Hornets), Manny (Manuel Ramirez) and Guero (Art Paul) are on the run with a big score. Sure, Guerro took a fatal chestful of hot lead. But as the two lucha hood wearing survivors head south of the border, a stop at a farmhouse leads them to Violet (Nikki Curtis Jones) and Starletta (Sparkle Soojian), two brujas who have plans for our protagonists. Bad plans. And what does that pig mask have to do with all of this?

Writer/Director Michael S. Rodriguez has turned out a 12-minute tight tale of murder and mayhem that leaves you wanting more. Here’s to him getting a bigger budget and platform to do something huge with this story, because the bones are all there.

It’s pretty great that in a tenth of the length of most movies this film gets more out of its story. It’s economical in more ways than just the budget. Once it’s available for streaming, we’ll make sure to get the link out there.

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