The Beast Beneath (2020)

We’ve covered a few of Dustin Ferguson’s movies here before — we have a few more in the stack of films to watch as well — and he’s been as busy as anyone I can think of in years when it comes to getting out new horror movies. He’s made everything from Die Sister, Die! and Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival to two (going on three) Amityville films and continuations of the Meathook Massacre and Nemesis films. He’s definitely a fan in his heart — he had dreams of owning his own video store — and the fun of that comes through in his films.

The Beast Beneath is all about a 2,000 year old monster — I’ve seen it described as a daddy long-legs — that gets released after an earthquake. There’s only one person who can stop it and that’s brilliant and gorgeous scientist Charlene Brinkeman (Brinke Stevens, the model for Betty in The Rocketeer comics as well as the scream queen who was in such favorites as The Slumber Party MassacreSorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-RamaNightmare Sisters and so many more). Luckily, she has her brother Aaron (Eric Prochnau, Meathook Massacre Part VI: Bloodline) along for some help.

However, the town has a mayor who has seen Jaws way too many times, Mayor George Reid (Mel Novak, Black Belt JonesTruck Turner and, of course, the Chuck Norris movies An Eye for an Eye and A Force of One and the Bruce Lee film Game of Death). Fergusson is smart to keep his movies tight — 70 minutes — and filled mostly with in-camera effects and good looking cast members. There’s even a bonus scene in 3D, if you can find a pair of glasses.

And how cool is it that this movie debuted on WGUD, an actual low power television station in Pascagoula, Mississippi?

Ferguson claims that he was inspired by films like Rattlers, The Savage BeesBog and Blood Beach, as well as made-for-TV horror movies. It shows — this is a fun throwback to those movies while it’s constantly changing look ads fun for movie geeks.

Also appearing are Shawn C. Phillips (who will be in Ferguson’s upcoming Amityille In the Hood), Jennifer Nangle (who is horror host Malvoila The Queen of Screams and also is in the upcoming sequel to the Italian film series Zombi VIII: Urban Decay), Sheri Davis (Blind), Mike Ferguson (who was in the DMX and Steven Seagal movie Beyond the Law), Ken May (Meathook Massacre 4), Raymond Vinsik Williams (Los Angeles Shark Attack), Geovonna Casanova (Angry Asian Murder Hornets), Lee Turner (who hosts the After Hours Cinema TV show that this movie debuted on) and Tino Zamora (Tales from the Campfire 3).

You may notice that several of the movies mentioned come from Ferguson. Like I wrote above, the guy sure is prolific. It feels like he would have fit right in to the Shot On Video horror section of some imaginary mom and pop video store, right alongside SpineThe Ripper and Splatter: The Architects of Fear.

You can get The Beast Beneath on DVD right here. You can also learn more at the official SCS Facebook page.

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