SLASHER MONTH: Splatter: The Architects of Fear (1986)

In the year 2002, amazons and mutants battle one another, which mainly consists of women lying in beds and being butchered or alternatively screwing out the brains — literally — of said mutants.

But no, really, we’re just watching a movie being made by special effects experts — a phrase I should have written as “experts” — while a voiceover* explains to us why this is all so important.

Toronto’s finest exotic dancers — I assume all have worked the Brass Rail on Younge Street — have consented to be made up by these maniacs, who include a man named Fang, in a movie that only exists inside this movie, which seems to be a making of for a movie that was never made.

You with me? For full enjoyment of this film, I advise checking out Rick Trembles’ cartoon of the movie at Canuxpolitation!

The crew of Gory Philms is ready to show you each effect three times in a row with no real story, so if you’re ready for the kind of shot on video fun that teenagers like me enjoyed around 1986, you can watch this on YouTube.

*The narration comes from Chris Britton, who has showed up in minor roles in everything from ScannersThe Brood and The Shack to voiceover work, with roles as Mr. Sinister on the 90’s X-Men cartoon and the drive-thru in Maximum Overdrive.

The trailer and film comes and goes from You Tube, but we found the latest age-restricted sign-in copies, just click the links

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