B-MOVIE BLAST: Santee (1973)

Here’s some trivia you can use on your friends. Santee was one of the first motion pictures to be shot electronically on videotape, using Norelco PCP-70 portable plumbicon NTSC cameras and portable Ampex VR-3000 2″ VTRs.

Director Gary Nelson mainly worked in TV before this, but he has some interesting films to his credit, like the original Freaky FridayThe Black Hole and the Mike Hammer TV movies.

Jody has finally reconnected with his father, just in time to learn that he’s an outlaw on the run from a bounty hunter named Santee (Glenn Ford). There’s not any time for a reunion as the entire gang gets gunned down and Jody decides that he’ll kill Santee himself. However, they end up becoming father and son, as Jody may have lost his father, but the old gunslinger lost his son.

This has a fun cast, with Dana Wynter (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), Jay Silverheels (Tonto himself, who for some reason has been showing up in nearly every movie I’ve watched lately), Robert Donner (who also is in Nelson’s Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold), Dark Brothers repertory actor Jack Baker, X Brands (the oddly named actor who may have been of German descent and from Kansas City, but always played Native Americans), Chuck Courtney (who played Daniel Reid Jr. on The Lone Ranger, the character who would grow up to be the father of The Green Hornet) and Lindsay Crosby (Bigfoot).

This was produced by Edward Platt, The Chief on Get Smart, who raised the money to buy the videocameras. One can only assume that he got Nelson the job of directing the TV movie Get Smart, Again.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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