B-MOVIE BLAST: Rivers of Fire and Ice (1969)

Is this is mondo or a Mutual of Omaha film?

Animal collector Ron Shanin, the writer/director/cinematographer/producer of this movie, wanders the world to show the world what it’s like to search for the world’s biggest and most dangerous animals.

Filmed in 1962, but unreleased until 1969 or so, it is narrated by Michael Rye, who is just pretending to be Shanin. He was also the voice of the narrator for the video game Dragon’s Lair, Green Lantern on the Super Friends and Super Powers cartoons and Magneto for several of the 1980’s Marvel cartoons.

Of course, no mondo would be complete without interacting with the natives and it coming off as very cringe worthy. This is by no means a Goodbye Uncle Tom moment, but just be warned if this is your first time into these type of movies (it’s actually a fine start, but go slow and don’t jump right into the Italian side of mondo right after this unless you want to be truly shocked and awed, OK?).

Why this is on a Mill Creek collection is beyond me, other than Crown International Pictures was like, if you buy one of our movies, you get all of these other ones. It had a pretty cool title and you’d be forgiven if you thought that it was a peblum movie.

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