La Isla de los Dinosaurios (1967)

Rafael Portillo, come back on down, you’re back for another blast of strangeness, this time taking us to an island of dinosaurs! Much like Columbus searching for a trade route to the West Indies and finding Florida, these scientists are seeking Atlantis and end up somewhere else entirely, a place teeming with all manner of giant lizards.

Yes, the Professor (Manolo Fábregas, Two Mules for Sister Sara) has convinced Pablo (Genaro Moreno, Las Mujeres Panteras), Esther (Elsa Cárdenas, Giant) and Laura (Alma Delia Fuentes, Panic) to jump in a prop plane and seek out this secret spot. Of course, the plane crashes but everyone is having so much fun on the island — no one gets upset at all — that this seems like a breezy travelogue.

That is until Laura is taken by a caveman named Molo (Armando Silvestre, Santo contra Los Zombis) and together, they battle dinosaurs — amazingly, stolen from much bigger productions like One Million B.C.* — and fall in love, at which point she teaches him the value of money, shows his people how to make new weapons and gives the women tips on combing their hair. She’s like one of those angels from the Book of Enoch that comes down to Earth after the Great Fall only to teach us things like dying garments and how to use makeup**.

Everything works out . Well, a volcano does wipe out most of the island and that too was taken from that 1940 Hal Roach movie. So maybe not so well for everyone.

*To be fair, these lizards with fins glued on them show up in more than just this movie. You can also spot them in everything from Tarzan’s Desert MysteryTwo Lost Worlds and Untamed Women to Robot MonsterKing Dinosaur and Teenage Caveman. Thanks to Mark David Welsh for pointing this out.

**The angel Azazel is the one who did all that, plus showed humans how to make swords, daggers, shields, breastplates, bracelets, ornaments and how to create jewelry. Other angels like Amezarack, Amaros, Baraqiel, Kokabel, Tamiel and Asradel had to content themselves with just showing humanity how to cast spells and astrology.

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