Go/Don’t Go (2020)

Director, writer and star Alex Knapp has created the story of Adam, the last man on Earth, who daily follows the same routine, obsessively checking off the boxes for what he needs to do, before discovering that he might not be alone.

A post-apocalyptic paranoid love story, Adam finds himself obsessed with K. (Olivia Luccardi, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block), a woman who he once loved or who exists only in his mind. He begins to wonder if the wasteland he’s living in is real or in his head as well.

Who is stocking the shelves at the end of all things? Why does the water and utilities work in Adam’s apartment? Why are the go/don’t go boxes everywhere he visits? Why does the bowling alley still work? These are the kinds of questions that this movie will leave you with, beyond the metaphysical ones of why are we here and are we experiencing the correct reality?

Go/Don’t Go is available on demand now.

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