Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction (1983)

Man, if I love one thing, it’s movies where Dennis Weaver fights with his son over college and life choices. Somehow, I watched two in the same week, but Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction is the kind of movie that transcends just one reason why I watch made for TV movies and moves into the magical world of drug warning films.

I mean, this is a movie where McCloud goes crazy for the nose candy and flips out repeatedly. If that doesn’t make you want to watch it, why are you even on our page?

Eddie Gant (Weaver) used to be the number one real estate agent for ten years in a row, but now, he’s struggling to sell and not even considered to be a partner. He’s forced into a dead market and wonders how he’ll survive. Meanwhile, he feels distant from his wife Barbara (Karen Grassle, Little House on the Prarie) and his son Buddy (James Spader!) is letting him down by not going to college.

That’s when his work pals Robin Barstowe (Pamela Bellwood, who was in everything from Dynasty and Cellar Dwellar to Airport ’77) and Bruce Neumann (David Ackroyd, who shows up in all manner of great TV movies like Exo-Man and The Dark Secret of Harvest Home) get him set up with them big flakes and that 70’s mustache of Weaver starts twitching. He’s selling luxury homes, aardvarking with his wife like he hasn’t in decades and even ignoring his pal Mort (Jeffrey Tambor, who never really looks young), even blowing past the guy when he plans on killing himself so he can get another envelope of yeyo.

Look for a really young Tasha Yar — I mean, Denise Crosby — as a bank teller as Eddie goes bonkers and starts pulling money out of his kid’s college fund so he can get one more score.

You know, people don’t talk about Paul Wendkos enough. Between this movie and his other films like The Mephisto WaltzThe Death of RichieThe Legend of Lizzie BordenHaunts of the Very Rich, Good Against Evil and so many more, I’ve always enjoyed his work. He also did several Gidget movies in the 60’s, if you like seeing Sally Field on the beach.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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