The World Beyond (1978)

If you don’t get your pilot greenlit the first time — I’m looking at you, The World of Darkness — try again with another take at sports writer Paul Taylor (Granville Van Dusen), who died for 2 minutes and 37 seconds, which gives him the power to hear the voices of ghosts.

This has brought him to New England, where a golem has been attacking people. A golem of all things!

JoBeth Williams is somehow in this, but try as they may, CBS could not get anyone to want this to be a full-time series. If they had, it would have aired on Friday or Saturday and died a quick death. Such was the way of pre-The X-Files series. I can name so many — The Man From AtlantisMisfits of ScienceAutomanManimalThe Powers of Matthew StarThe PhoenixBattlestar GalacticaGalactica ’80The HighwaymanGemini Man and many, many more. I watched them all and would bemoan the fact that they never could last.

This was created and written by Art Wallace, who developed Dark Shadows with Dan Curtis. He also wrote the TV movie She Waits and episodes of the Planet of the Apes series that were made into the European films Forgotten City of the Planet of the Apes and Back to the Planet of the Apes.It was directed by Noel Black, who made Pretty Poison and Private School, yet mostly directed television programs.

Speaking of TV Guide, Barnard Hughes — grandpa from The Lost Boys — is in this!

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