Joyride to Nowhere (1977)

Written in four days by co-directors Ronald C. Ross (who mostly did stuntwork, other than writing and directing 1987’s Burning Vengeance) and Mel Welles (who directed Lady Frankenstein) along with George ‘Buck’ Flower and John F. Goff (who also wrote ButterflyHundra and C.B. Hustlers), this is the story of two girls named Cindy (Sandy Alan, The Glove) and Leah (Leslie Ackerman).

They leave behind their abusive lives and hit the road, but on the way decide to rob Tank, a sleazy bankrobber. He’s played by screenwriter and co-director Welles, who was also Gravis Mushnick in the original Little Shop of Horrors. Driving away in his car, they soon realize that he has $2 million dollars in it and won’t stop hunting them.

It’s not great, but it does predate Thelma and Louise, which is a very similar tale with older heroines. Trust me, you can find better on the run movies.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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