Hot Rod (1979)

Burt Reynolds created a cottage industry with Smokey and the Bandit . . . and with the “Big Three” television networks still in the movie business, they wanted a slice (or is that a wad of tobacco spit?) of that good ol’ boy pie.

So we get the always-welcomed Greg Henry (The Patriot), Robert Culp (of the Fast and Furious precursor — and also awesome TV movie — The Gladitor), Grant Goodeve (who replaced Mark Hamill in TV’s Eight is Enough when Hamill got Star Wars), Robin Mattson (TV movie Return to Macon County and the long-running daytime drama General Hospital), and Pernell Roberts (TV’s Bonanza and Trapper John, M.D.).

Watch the trailer.

For once, the theatrical one-sheet, well, the “splashy” TV Guide ad says it all. For he came to town on a horse (hot rod) with no name — and you ain’t gonna win against “The Bandit,” there Sheriff Buford T.

And it’s all brought to you by the Roger Corman-raised George Armitage (ah, no wonder this is so goooood), who gave us Gas-s-s-s, Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses, and Darktown Strutters . . . and the we-still-haven’t reviewed Kris Kristofferson and Jan-Michael Vincent epic, Vigilante Force. Oh, and as part of our upcoming “John Doe Week” (no, not flicks about unidentified dead bodies, wise ass — it’s a tribute to the acting career of the leader of the Los Angeles punk band, X), we review Pure County, a film which he co-wrote.

Oh, man . . . forget Farrah. It was Robin Mattson torn out of a magazine and scotch-taped to my teen bedroom wall, alongside those Roger De Coster and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme mag spreads. And don’t forget the Runaways ripped out of a CREEM mag. Good times. Sigh, Robin . . . competing with Sandy West for my heart.

You can watch Hot Rod on You Tube HERE and HERE.

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