John Doe Week Round Up!

Image courtesy of photographer Allen J. Schaben for a May 2020 Los Angeles Times article by Randall Roberts/font overlay by PicFont.

It was long overdue. Everyone reviews the music career of the man born as John Nommensen Duchac in 1953, but few, if any, have examined his acting career. So B&S About Movies took up the challenge because, well, we love John’s acting gigs as much as his music.

That’s right, we love ya’, John! May you have many more films and albums to add to your career. And when you finish your starring role in your currently-in-production 82nd project, D.O.A. – The Movie, B&S About Movies will be the first to review it.

Courtesy of; John’s latest album from 2016.

The eighth studio album by X, released in April 2020 on Amazon.

Here’s a list of the films we reviewed:

The Decline of Western Civilization (1981)
Urgh! A Music War (1981)
Salvador (1986)
X: The Unheard Music (1986)
Border Radio (1987)
Salvation! (1987)
Slam Dance (1987)
Great Balls of Fire (1989)
Road House (1989)
A Matter of Degrees (1991)
Pure Country (1992)
Roadside Prophets (1992)
Wyatt Earp (1994)
Georgia (1995)
Black Circle Boys (1997)
Touch (1997)
Vanishing Point (1997)
Black Cat Run (1998)
Brokedown Palace (1999)
Forces of Nature (1999)
Knocking on Death’s Door (1999)
The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)
Sugar Town (1999)
Gypsy ’83 (2001)
The Red Right Hand (2001)
Torque (2004)
Ten Inch Hero (2007)
Man Maid (2008)
Pleased to Meet Me (2013)
Zombex (2013)
You’re Gonna Miss Me (2017)
My Little One (2019)

Flicks we wanted to review, but were unable to locate VOD/PPV screeners or DVDs:

Under the Gun (2002)
Red Zone (2003)
Hated (2012)

The rest we didn’t get to as result of time and/or lack of VOD/PPV screeners:

Scorpion Spring (1995) — trailer
The Price of Kissing (1997)
Drowning on Dry Land (1999)
MTV’s Wuthering Heights (2003)
The Sandpiper (2007)
Absent Father (2008)
All Creatures Here Below (2018) — trailer

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of rock ‘n’ roll, be sure to check out our “Rock ‘n’ Roll Week” tribute round ups from July 2020, September 2020, and September 2021 featuring over 100-plus film reviews. And John’s A Matter of Degrees was also part of our week-long review of radio station flicks, which you can catch up on with our “Exploring: Radio Stations on Film” featurette. Same goes for John’s The Red Right Hand, which was part this year’s October “Slasher Month” of reviews.

There’s further reading on John’s career with Tim Stegall’s recent, two-part interview at Alternative Press published in October 2021. John also speaks with Daniel Kohn at Spin in April 2020 regarding the release of Alphabetland, the recent album by X.

You can enjoy John in 1991 promoting his solo album and a 1983 national TV appearance with X, both on NBC-TV’s The David Letterman Show.

There’s faux rock stars . . . and there’s Teddy Connor of Wotan.

Courtesy of Gregory Hill Design/NBC-TV/Law & Order.

John’s latest book from 2019.

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies and publishes on Medium.

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