Blind (2019)

Faye (Sarah French, who has also worked under the stage name Scarlet Salem) was once an actress, but laser eye surgery has made her blind. She’s attempting to get her life back together as she lives in a dream home high up in the Hollywood Hills. However, just when she starts to open up, she learnes that a masked stranger named Pretty Boy (Jed Rowen, Sluggo from The Ghastly Love of Johnny X) is stalking her.

Horror fans will be happy to see Caroline Williams (Stretch from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, as well as appearances in movies such as Stepfather 2Leprechaun 3Hatchet III and Verotika) in this as Faye’s supportive friend Sophia. She runs a support group that helps our heroine, as well as introduces her to her love interest Luke (Tyler Gallant), a mute personal trainer who can only communicate via phone.

However, Pretty Boy has created an idealized version of Faye that he will kill to keep true within his head. Originally content to stay within his colorful hideout and dance with a doll that he pretends is our heroine, he soon ventures out into our reality and begins taking out everyone close to her. Of course, she can’t see that the white suited and masked killer is just within her reach.

By the time this all starts coming together, we get a post-credit reveal that this is just part one, something that has seemingly upset many of the critics of this film. Well, it looks pretty, I can say that much. Williams does a great job in her role, as always. And I liked the design of Pretty Boy, which is in sharp contast to the grunge and filth look of most slasher killers.

This was directed by Marcel Walz, who made the 2016 version of Blood Feast and  Rootwood

Blind is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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