SLASHER MONTH: The Wind (1986)

Nico Mastorakis has a pretty good resume filled with VHS rental faves, including Island of DeathThe Greek Tycoon (ironically, when he was a reporter, he went underground as a musician for the group of popular singer Yanni Poulopoulos and invaded Aristotle Onassis’ yacht, the Christina, where the Greek, well, tycoon was hosting Jackie (before they married) and Ted Kennedy), Blood TideBlind DateThe Zero Boys and many more.

Also known as The Edge of Terror and Terror’s Edge, this one has one hell of a cast.

Novelist Sian Anderson (Meg Foster, Evil-Lyn herself) has decided to write her new mystery novel on an isolated Greek island named Monemvasia. She’s warned to stay inside because the night winds are so strong that they could very well blow her into the ocean. That sounds fine, as all she wants to do is work.

That’s when she catches Phil the handyman (Wings Hauser!) killing landlord Elias Appleby (Robert Morley, Theater of Blood), which places her directly in his way. Well, at least she’s about to get material for her next book, what with everyone getting stalked and killed around her.

You also get appearances by Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS star David McCallum and Steve Railsback, as well as some astounding scenery and a truly tense ending, as Phil chases Sian throughout the island, brandishing a sickle as the howling winds grow in fury and danger.

Want to see it for yourself? Grab a copy from Arrow Video themselves.

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