SLASHER MONTH: Unhinged (1982)

“Violence beyond reason. Victims beyond help.”

This section 2 video nasty was directed by Don Gronquist, who also wrote Stark Raving Mad and directed The Devil’s Keep, and has a cast of Portland, Oregon kids who never made another film. It was remade in 2017 in the UK, which surprised me because I usually keep on slasher reboots.

Even though this movie is barely 80 minutes, it still feels like nothing happens for a good stretch of time. That’s because, well, nothing does. There’s a lot of talking and sleeping, punctuated by moments of murder. Oh yeah, you can also spot the clapboard numerous times here, so don’t expect a technical masterpiece.

It does have a killer that — SPOILER WARNING — is a man posing as a woman, an early example of gender repression. Yet he still sees himself as a man, but a man who must wipe out all of the weak females that he finds. Don’t look for answers or political correctness here — this is a grimy slasher made in 19 nights way back in 1982. I’ve just never seen a movie before where — SPOILER AGAIN FOR A MOVIE MADE 38 YEARS AGO — the final girl gets eviscerated while the killer laments just how hard it is to be a woman.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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