2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 30: Dark Dungeons (2014)

DAY 30. BRING IT ON HOME: Something filmed in Seattle.

I love Jack Chick.

Completely and utterly love everything he ever put out.

Dark Dungeons is one of his best tracts.

I went to a high school that had decided that Dungeons & Dragons was a gateway to Satan and banned it from being played. Imagine my surprise when I learned that RPGs were mostly arguing about rules, not getting laid and doing way too much math.

Did Jack Chick lie to me? I was hoping for an awesome underworld of murder and Satan and suicide and heavy metal and hot raven tressed Dungeon Mistresses ordering me around and I got a bunch of dudes drinking Mountain Dew and talking about Gelatinous Cubes.

Writer J. R. Ralls came up with the idea of filming an adaptation of this influential comic but didn’t follow through until he won $1,000 in a lottery. He asked Chick for permission and surprisingly got it and made the movie after a successful Kickstarter.

Made in Seattle, this is an incredibly faithful adaption of the comic that plays it completely straight, which is perfect. Trust me, I have read this so many times that I know it by heart. They even got the font right on Marcie’s suicide note!

Marilyn Manson, who knows quite a bit about the lure of Satan for 80’s teens, once stated, “If every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off of your life, every game of Dungeons & Dragons you play delays the loss of your virginity by seven hours.” Seeing as how I didn’t get laid until I was 24, you can only guess how many times I made Charisma rolls and battled Kobolds.

You can watch this on The Fantasy Network and learn more on the official site.

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